Take down the government

Aundrae Calephis is the leader of the Revolutionary Army. He posseses great leadership skills and intelegence. He is a quiet, collected individual who may strike one as cold, but deeply cares for everyone, especially those who are close to him. He sees Doza and Lava as his children, and tries to put up with their antics to the best of his abilities. Aundrae has a great respect and admiration for Aunto, the man who organized Colca's infiltration, and seems to get along well with Vari and Shudo. He greatly enjoys the color green, and will often be seen wearing green. While Aundrae's origins are shrouded in mystery, his team seems to trust him and his intuition to the point of risking their lives for the cause.

Doza Keiko is one of Aundrae's right-hand individuals, the other being Lava. He is an energetic young man with an undying thirst for adventure. He will often get himself into trouble by marching into a situation mindlessly with no strategy or planning. Despite this, he is insanely intelegent and very trustworthy. Because of this, he is the man whom Aundrae trusts the most. He has a friendly rivalry with Lava, often teasing her to the point of frustration. However, Doza truly cares for he well-being, displaying incredible teamwork whenever they work together. He is a excellent swordsman, often hiding in the shadows before ambushing his target in the blink of an eye.

​Lava Tienia is the other of Aundrae's right-hand individuals besides Doza. She is a hot-tempered young woman who, like Doza will get herself into trouble over the littlest things. She hates being called a hot-head, something that Doza is well aware of, often resulting in the two arguing or fighting. This, along with her abnormally bright hair and eye colors has earned her the epithet of "Hot-Head Lava", something which she utterly hates, swearing to kill the man who gave the epithet to her. She is a very skilled pyrotechic, and loves to make a detonate explosions in her free time. She is one of very few people knowledgable in "WaveWarp" technology. She deeply trusts Aundrae often calling him "Big Bro", as well as Doza (although she hates to admit it).

​Aunto Mora is a professional infiltrator working for the Revolutionary Group. He is incredibly inteligent and is able to impersonate literally any person. He has an abnormal voice box that can mimic the voice of any person as well any sound. To avoid suspicion, he acts and looks like a schizophrenic, keeping his hair unkept and wearing unsual clothing,  and acts very hostile toward possible threats and people he does not wish to be around. Because of this, he is almost completely invisible. Because of his expertise, he has gained the upmost admiration from Aundrae, and eventually Doza and even Lava. He is the oder brother of Shudo and the brother-in-law of Vari.