Take down the government

Aundrae is the leader of the Anti-Government revolutionaries. He is a strong leader, serving as a father figure to those under him. He is very close to Doza and Lava, and considers them family; putting up with their occasional immaturity. He has a calm and collected personality, being able to maintain his composure regardless fo the situation. Because of this, he is respected by everyone who knows him, even by his enemies. He hates the corrupted government and lives to destroy it. He will stop at nothing to end Quinon Otobai's reign of terror.

Doza is a high ranking member of the Anti-Government revolutionary army. He is an energetic young man with an undying thirst for adventure. He will often get himself into trouble by marching into a situation mindlessly, with no strategy or planning. Despite this, he is insanely intelligent and very trustworthy. Aw a result of these traits, he is the man whom Aundrae trusts the most. He has a friendly rivalry with Lava, often teasing her to the point of frustration. However, Doza truly cares for her well-being, displaying incredible teamwork whenever they work together. He is a excellent assassin, often hiding in the shadows before ambushing his target, all in the blink of an eye.

Lava is a high ranking member of the Anti-Government revolutionary army, and is considered one of the most intelligent members. She takes pride in her ability to create any device for any situation using the equipment to he disposal. Lava has a very hot temper, lashing out at those who cross her. She often fights with Doza whenever the latter teases her, however she does care for him as she cares for Aundrae. While her past is shrouded in mystery, even to Aundrae, she will stop at nothing to ensure that the corrupt government falls.


Aunto is a notorious trouble maker, infiltrating into government systems and establishments merely for fun. Very little is known about him, since he brushes aside all topics of his past. He has a habit of unintentionally sneaking up on, and suprising people. Aunto has a major obsession for cleanliness, growing anxious whenever he sees stains, dust, or other forms of filth. He is very fond of the revolutionaries. He seems to share a past with Lava, however he remains oblivious of anyone who questions it. Aunto is also slightly socially awkward, avoiding large groups of people, and enjoying time alone.