Take down the government

Hello and welcome to Revolutionary!

This webcomic follows the story of a small Revolutionary group that begins to grow more and more until they form a full fledged army. Each member, hellbent on destroying the current political system, is willing to risk their lives for the cause, and restore peace to the nation.


The webcomic is handrawn on Paint.net, taking between one to two hours per page. The character's dialogue is carfully chose to cuit their personality.

The process basically goes like this. First the storyline is developed and a piece of it is used for the comic. The dark blue borders are then drawn and the characters, environment, and text bubbles are formed around the text. The comic is colored in a unique style with blue hueshifts. After this, the page is uploaded to ComicFury and it's done! The only thing left to do is to read it.


​I have been making art for quite some time now, and it's a great way to reduce any stress or anxiety that I may have. Designing the characters are like talking to them and getting to know them. It's a really great experience, and I love to do it!


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Flag Warning

V! This comic will contain extreme violence and gore. This includes blood, mutilation, and images that may be too grotesque for some readers.

L! This comic contains very mild language used occasionally. Profanity may become more prominent during certain intense moments.



​Thanks for stopping by! I hope you enjoyed your stay.